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AmeriTi Quality

AmeriTi Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company that is committed to quality in every aspect of its operation. The company believes that quality production and quality service is a product like any other the company provides. As such, an enormous amount of energy is dedicated to insuring processes are performed the right way every time.

AmeriTi has instituted a number of initiatives aimed at achieving quality results for its customers. Learn more about AmeriTi Manufacturing’s quality control program below.

Quality Policy

AmeriTi’s Quality Policy reflects the core values that drive the company. AmeriTi strives to be an industry leader in quality and service for customers.

  • Achieving Great Quality at the Lowest Cost
  • Making Progress with Continuous Improvement
  • Committing to Exceed our Customers’ Expectations


AmeriTi’s goals are simple, do things the right way the first time and every time.

  • No Lost Time Accidents
  • No Customer Complaints
  • No Rejects or Returns
  • 100% On-Time Delivery

ISO Registration

AmeriTi Manufacturing first obtained ISO registration in the year 2000. Currently, AmeriTi is ISO 9001:2015 registered. AmeriTi Manufacturing is firmly committed to the value in the ISO registration and auditing process. In addition to the required annual audit, AmeriTi periodically invites independent auditors to verify the results of the official annual audit.

ISO Certification

Quality Assurance

In order to consistently produce quality products, companies must place checks and feedback mechanisms in place to insure that potential risks to quality do not become quality complaints.

AmeriTi Manufacturing has fostered three such checks. The first is the Quality Assurance Committee. The second is the Quality Contact and the third is the Final Inspection and Quality Approved Sticker Program.

Quality Assurance Committee

Once per month, the Quality Assurance Committee meets to discuss processes and look at potential quality problems. The committee members are comprised of process operators, supervisors, managers, and quality personnel. The committee is an excellent method of receiving feedback on what programs are successful and what programs need more work.

Quality Contact

The Quality Contact is a brief training session conducted at a minimum of once per week by each supervisor with the process operators. Topics range from reminders of new procedures to learnings from process breakdowns. The contact is an excellent way for every employee in the plant to be kept up-to-date on quality issues.

Final Inspection and Quality Approved Sticker Program

Before any product leaves AmeriTi premises, it is subject to a final inspection by a process operator and the quality technician. The final inspection covers all components of the product such as sizing, packaging, chemistry, volume, and shipping paperwork.

During this final inspection, the packages are checked to insure they have been quality approved by the placement of a quality assurance sticker on the package. This final check insures that products have been produced correctly, are packaged correctly and are being shipped to the correct location.

5S Program

5S is a program designed to help companies organize their work spaces to be as efficient as possible. Tools required for specific processes are color-coded for a department and centrally located for ease of use. The area is kept clean and the identification methodology is standardized across all departments. The title of the program, 5S, represents the five tenets of the program:

  • Sort
  • Straighten
  • Sweep
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

AmeriTi Manufacturing began implementing 5S throughout its plant in the second half of 2007. Since that time, 5S has been implemented plant-wide with a great degree of success.

Implementation of the 5S program has spread from its beginnings at AmeriTi to include not just simple tools for processes but also mobile equipment, maintenance tools needed for repair, and PPE for some departments.

Lean Manufacturing

AmeriTi Manufacturing has aggressively pursued lean manufacturing techniques with the belief that improving process flows and increasing efficiency in the production process will aid in producing the best quality products.

This effort is ongoing as new ideas and new technology are evaluated to determine how they might benefit the product and the customer. There are two main focal points in AmeriTi’s pursuit of lean manufacturing. The first is the identification of best practices at each process and the second is a continuous improvement program.

Best Practices

Working with process operators, supervisors, managers and safety and quality personnel, AmeriTi has evaluated processes to determine the best, most efficient flow of work. AmeriTi believes that the best processes start with safe work practices which will yield the most efficient process and highest quality products.

New technology as well as alternative uses for existing machinery have been evaluated in this effort. The result has universally been a better product, produced more efficiently, with the safest possible conditions.

Continuous Improvement Program

In addition to the pursuit of best practices, AmeriTi has introduced a continuous improvement program. This program has harnessed the creative abilities of the workforce toward the goal of improved quality and safety.

Improvement ideas are solicited from process operators and supervisors and evaluated for effectiveness and practicality. Ideas that are implemented result in a reward for the submitter.


AmeriTi supports an extensive laboratory for the analysis of inbound raw materials, in-process control, and outbound products. The lab enables AmeriTi to monitor the quality of its products throughout the entire production cycle. AmeriTi’s lab equipment is subjected to stringent and routine tests to verify it is performing correctly.

AmeriTi is committed to accurate and timely analysis for all of its internal and external requirements. Due to the nature of the somewhat inconsistent raw materials, there is a lot of analysis required to make sure we are producing a consistent final product to meet our customers’ requirements.

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Testing Titanium Turnings

AmeriTi Manufacturing purchases titanium turnings from machine shops and consolidators and uses them to produce ferrotitanium. Because these turnings are a product of machining operations they are contaminated with oil and moisture. AmeriTi has developed an extensive settlement process for determining the oil, moisture, and magnetic content of titanium turnings.

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