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Press and Sinter

AmeriTi Press and Sinter

Press and Sinter is essentially a two-step process whereby titanium powder is compacted into shapes and heated in a vacuum to cause the particles to bond or “sinter” to full density.

The process is different from MIM in that very little or no binding agent is used to bond the particles together prior to sintering. In addition, the type of powder that is used is different.

This process is more cost-efficient than MIM for high volume, simple shapes, but is not ideal for more complex geometries. Applications such as automotive engine parts, brackets, hinges, gears, sprockets or other commercial hardware are common.

As a titanium powder producer, AmeriTi Manufacturing is uniquely positioned to produce parts via press and sinter.  As one of a trio of parts production methodologies AmeriTi employs, this means that the customer benefits by achieving the most cost-effective approach to production of their titanium parts.

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