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Investment Casting

AmeriTi Investment Casting

Evidence of investment castings dates back 6,000 years to the Bronze Age where it is presumed bees wax was sculpted, packed in clay and heated by fire to melt the wax and form a mold. Molten metal was then poured into the molds to make a bronze replica of the wax sculpture.

Today, the methods and equipment are very different but the investment casting process remains largely the same. Expendable wax patterns are created that are lost in the process to create a mold that yields an exact replica of the pattern. Due to the loss of the wax, this process is often referred to as the “lost wax process”.

In 2018, AmeriTi Manufacturing installed a titanium investment casting process and began producing cast titanium parts. The primary advantage that AmeriTi brings to the market is the vertical integration from raw materials through final parts. This integration sets AmeriTi apart from its competitors and provides an advantage for customers in regards to cost and lead-times.

Near-net shape parts can be made up to 20” in length and 40 lbs in weight. As-cast features can often be held to design tolerances but in cases where very tight tolerances are called out, some machining may be required to achieve final dimensions. Significant cost savings can be realized where machining or secondary fabrication can be eliminated.

Typical annual volumes can range from hundreds to thousands of parts with relatively short lead times.

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