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Metal Injection Molding

AmeriTi Injection Molding

The term “injection molding” can be applied to die casting, plastic injection or any process where material is injected into a mold to make a shape.

At AmeriTi Manufacturing, titanium injection molding refers to a powder metal (PM) process where titanium powder is mixed with binders to make a feedstock that can be injected into a mold. The injected part is subsequently processed to remove the binders and thermally treated to make a fully dense titanium part. This process is more commonly known by its acronym MIM, which stands for Metal Injection Molding.

The Metal Injection Molding process is ideally suited for complex shapes and/or very small parts that are difficult or impossible to machine using conventional metal cutting methods. The process provides a benefit on cost due to the elimination of scrap from the process. This scrap reduction is especially advantageous in titanium due to the relatively high cost of titanium compared to other metals.

Virtually any industry that needs small, complex parts can benefit from titanium metal injection molding. From firearms, to marine applications, to medical and dental tools and implants, titanium metal injection can solve a variety of problems and bring better performance than other metals and other production methods.

Beyond the process itself, AmeriTi Manufacturing brings advantages to the market that even other titanium MIM producers cannot match. First is an integrated supply chain with vertical integration from raw materials through to final products.

AmeriTi is both a parts manufacturer and a supplier of titanium metal.

Second is experience with a diverse array of titanium applications through relationships in the aerospace and defense, medical, and commercial markets.

Finally, AmeriTi boasts over 100 years of technical experience with titanium and its applications. We understand the metal and how to make it work best for our customers.

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