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AmeriTi History

In 1937, Frankel Company, Inc. was founded in Detroit. The company was located on Fort St. and specialized in nickel and cobalt based alloys and refractory metals.

The company moved its location in 1951 to the current location at 19300 Filer Avenue, also in Detroit. At this time, Frankel Company began to work with recycling titanium scrap products as titanium became an increasingly important metal worldwide with developing applications in aerospace and the military.

Frankel Company, Inc. underwent a number of ownership changes in the years that followed. The company continued to concentrate on titanium scrap recycling. In 1970, a processing line was installed to crush, wash and dry, titanium turnings and shavings from the rapidly growing machining industry. This product was used for both alloying in steel and recycling into titanium metal. The installation was one of several in the world and allowed Frankel Company to expand its growing focus on recycled titanium products.

In 1984, ownership of Frankel company changed hands and the company was renamed Frankel Metal Company. Five short years later, the facility once again welcomed new ownership and became part of Shieldalloy Metallurgical Company (which was part of the Metallurg Group). At this time, the production focus of the company remained largely unchanged from what it had been in the 1970’s. Frankel Metal processed titanium scrap solids and machine shop turnings to be used in metallurgical (alloying) applications or recycling to produce new titanium metal.

Frankel Metal was purchased by Robert Swenson in 1996 and the name of the company was changed to Global Titanium Inc. The focus of the organization would soon change as well. In 1998, Global Titanium installed production capacity for melting ferrotitanium (FeTi) for use by the steel industry. The furnace capacity for ferrotitanium would eventually exceed 9,000 MT annually.

In 2006, the company installed a second installation for processing aerospace grade titanium turnings. This new capacity enabled Global Titanium to expand their total washing capacity for titanium turnings to over 12,000 MT per year.

In an effort to continue the pattern of growth and expansion, Global Titanium also moved into the production of titanium powders in 2008 with the installation of a hydride-dehydride process for the conversion of wrought titanium and titanium sponge into fine powders.

In 2014, Global Titanium started its entry into making small titanium parts with investment casting and metal injection molding (MIM). The company has developed its own in-house process technology and has a facility dedicated to this new product line. Global Titanium has continued to grow and diversify its business to make it a stronger company more able to serve its customers in all markets.

At the beginning of 2019, the company changed its name to AmeriTi Manufacturing Company. The new name tells our business partners we are a manufacturing company and our products are made in America.

Today, AmeriTi Manufacturing is a very large producer of all of its product lines, including the scrap processing services, ferrotitanium, titanium metal powder, and the capabilities to produce net shape titanium parts. AmeriTi continues to look forward for opportunities to diversify its product offerings and increase the value added to the company. It remains focused on its future.

The company’s relentless pursuit of perfection in regards to safety, quality, and customer service is the driver that moves AmeriTi forward and guides the growth of the organization.

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