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Titanium Applications

AmeriTi Titanium Bike Chain

Titanium improves products you use every day.

AmeriTi Firearms


Lighter weight and just as strong.

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AmeriTi Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

From bicycles to golf clubs, titanium has an impact.

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AmeriTi Marine


Salt water corrosion? Not with titanium.

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AmeriTi Automotive


Allowing cars to go faster and farther on less fuel.

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AmeriTi Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Bio-compatibility makes titanium the best choice for medial devices.

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AmeriTi Jewelry


Did you know titanium is beautiful too?

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AmeriTi Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

Salt water is not the only thing that damages other metals.

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AmeriTi Aerospace


Commercial, Military, and Space.

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AmeriTi Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

The best of both worlds, corrosion resistant and bio-compatible.

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