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Titanium Solids and Sponge

AmeriTi Sponge

Titanium Solids

Titanium solids are as diverse as the applications in which they are used. As a company with its origins in titanium scrap recycling, AmeriTi Manufacturing can supply many different forms and alloys. The company employs a full complement of cutting, shearing, shredding, blasting, and crushing equipment to size material to meet specific needs.

Titanium Sponge

Titanium sponge is produced via a chemical reaction between titanium tetrachloride and either magnesium or sodium. The resulting material is typically 99.0% titanium or greater with trace amounts of other elements. Titanium sponge is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 20 mesh X down to 1″ and greater.

AmeriTi Manufacturing can supply titanium sponge and screen material for customers. With an extensive supply network, AmeriTi can source a wide variety of sponge types with the chemical makeup to meet nearly any customer need. And with a full array of processing equipment, AmeriTi can sort and segregate sponge and sponge fines for use in many different applications.

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