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AmeriTi FerroTi

Ferrotitanium (FeTi) is a ferroalloy used primarily in steelmaking.

There are two main grades of ferrotitanium, the first containing approximately 35% titanium and the second containing roughly 70% titanium. The 35% grade is produced via an aluminothermic reaction while the 70% grade is produced by melting titanium scrap and iron in an induction furnace.

AmeriTi Manufacturing produces the 70% grade of ferrotitanium and with over 10,000 MT of annual capacity, is one of the largest producers of this grade in the world.

AmeriTi Manufacturing is an integrated producer; all of the scrap used to produce ferrotitanium is evaluated and processed on-site, assuring reliability of supply.

A variety of sizing and packaging options are available as well as specialty grades to meet a particular need.

2″ Standard Size

The most common use of ferrotitanium is a lump or bulk addition during steelmaking. The standard sizing for this material is 2″ x 1/4″ although variation exists in the industry. AmeriTi is capable of meeting any size requirement.

AmeriTi Manufacturing also supports a variety of packaging options to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, and with an on-site laboratory, customers can be assured that the quality and consistency of the product will not vary from package to package and shipment to shipment.


While most ferrotitanium usage is in the form of bulk additions, ferrotitanium is also added to steel in cored wire as a trim addition.

AmeriTi Manufacturing produces the ferrotitanium that is used in the production of cored wire for trim additions. Ferrotitanium powder is available in 8 mesh, 10 mesh, and 12 mesh sizes to fit nearly any need and, of course, it is available in a variety of packaging options.

Specialty Grades

The standard chemistry for ferrotitanium is typically 70% titanium with 5% aluminum and 3% vanadium. However, for some applications, lower aluminum or vanadium content is required, or special control over nitrogen and oxygen.

Because AmeriTi Manufacturing processes scrap in-house and tests finished material immediately after production, the chemistry of the finished product is closely controlled to meet special requirements from the customer.

This means that whatever the chemical requirements, AmeriTi can find the right blend of materials to meet the specification and control the quality of the product from the start.

Typical Chemistry

AmeriTi Manufacturing is capable of producing ferrotitanium to a wide range of chemical specifications. However, for the benefit of current and potential customers, included below is a typical chemical makeup for the standard ferrotitanium product.

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